Mini-Game Duel

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“Complete in 2-Player Duel Mini-Games in this mode.”
Battle T., Mario Party 2
Players choosing the number of wins.

Mini-Game Duel is a 2-player game mode in Mario Party 2 and a sub-mode of Mini-Game Stadium. The mode is unlockable in Mini-Game Land by buying all 4-Player Minigames.

Mario being declared as the winner.

Here the player's character can battle other characters in Dual Minigames. At the start the player can choose the match rules (3-Win, 5-Win, or 7-Win) and choose whether they'd like to choose each Minigame, or if it will be chosen randomly. After a minigame is chosen, the players will start the Minigame. After every Minigame, the winner is rewarded with a cup. The first player to get the specified number of cups wins, is put under the spot-light, and declared as the winner.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Modo Duelo Duel Mode