Use the Magnet to Get Rich Quick!

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Use the Magnet to Get Rich Quick!
Use the Magnet to Get Rich Quick!.png
Level code 3-6
Game Yoshi's Island DS
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Use the Magnet to Get Rich Quick! is World 3-6 in Yoshi's Island DS. It takes place in a jungle and a lake. This level's playable Yoshi is the orange Yoshi.


The player starts off on a platform with a metallic platform and a post to their left and a bridge to their right. After the bridge is a raft with a Stork Stop on it, a small platform with some more metallic platforms is next to that. After this is a small platform with a metal block that must be dragged so the player can use it to get to the next part of the level.

In the next part of the level are some metallic platforms that need to be dragged down so they can be ascended. After this small segment is a block that contains a Flatbed Ferry and a drop. After this is another metallic block that leads to another drop. After this segment is a Stork Stop and some vines that lead to a secret area. The secret area contains only coins, a flower and a Warp Pipe to the next area.

In the next area, the player needs to use Baby Mario to hit some M Blocks before using Baby Wario to drag a metal box across them and onto a switch which will raise a wall. In the next segment is an Eggo-Dil and some Para-Koopas. The player will then have to climb some platforms and drag a metal box over so Baby Peach can use a flower to get a character coin, the exit to this area is over some donut platforms to the right of this segment.

The next segment is a water segment and has a Boss Bass, some Para-Koopas and several Flatbed Ferries in it. At the end of the segment is the goal roulette.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese じしゃくパワーでコインをさがせ!
Jishaku pawā de koin o sagase!
Search for Coins with the Magnet Power!

French Aimant à pièces!
Coin Magnet!
German Das Glück ist dir hold, die Taschen voll Gold!
"Luck is on your side, your pockets are full of gold!" (German name is a rhyme)
Italian Monete e magnete
Coins and magnet
Korean 자석 파워로 코인을 찾아라!
Jaseok Paweoro Koineul Chajara!
Find Coins with Magnet Power!

Spanish ¡Cómo enriquecerse rápido con un imán!
How to Get Rich Quick With a Magnet!