Bessie Bass's Battleship

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Bessie Bass's Battleship
Level code 3-4
Game Yoshi's Island DS
Boss Bessie Bass
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Bessie Bass
Yoshi fighting Bessie Bass

Bessie Bass's Battleship is the fourth level of World 3 in Yoshi's Island DS, which acts as Bessie Bass's home. This level's playable Yoshi is the yellow Yoshi.


Yoshi starts the level on the titular ship filled with enemies, and must enter a Warp Pipe to appear in a Para-Koopa-infested area. Here, the player must locate a door which enables them to go inside an area with some enemies and a vase. Yoshi must break the vase to reveal a key and find another door which transports him to a Middle Ring and a pipe. It leads him back outside, where he must enter another pipe into a room with Tap-Taps and find a door leading to a room with Pirate Guys. Yoshi needs to locate a door and enter a room with Potted Ghosts where he must find another key and head back outside. The player needs to unlock a door leading them to a room with some Boos, and find a door there. This door takes the player to a Middle Ring, a Stork Stop, and a boss door which leads to Bessie Bass. The player can defeat her by hitting her when she leaps out of the water. Yoshi can then access the next level.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese なぞのかいぞくせん
Nazo no kaizokusen
Enigmatic Pirate Ship
French Vaisseau de Lili Petithon Bessie Bass's Ship (Lili Petithon being the French name of Bessie Bass)
German Berta Breitbarschs Brigg der Piraten Bessie Bass's Pirate Brig (Berta Breitbarsch being the German name of Bessie Bass)
Italian Il galeone di Tina Tinca Bessie Bass' galleon (Tina Tinca being the Italian name of Bessie Bass)
Korean 알쏭달쏭 해적선
Alssongdalssong Haejeokseon
Enigmatic Pirate Ship
Spanish El barco pirata The Pirate Ship