Castle of Priscilla the Peckish

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Castle of Priscilla the Peckish
Castle of Priscilla the Peckish.png
World-Level 3-8
Game Yoshi's Island DS
Notes Contains a watery section and a spiky section.
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Castle of Priscilla the Peckish is the last level of World 3 in Yoshi's Island DS. The castle is packed with spikes and thorns, which Yoshi must either Flutter Jump over or crouch under. One of the main enemies are Gooey Goons, and the boss is Priscilla.


In the first part of the castle, Yoshi has to overcome some spikes while avoiding water that falls from the ceiling and can push him down towards his death. Then, the player has to use Baby Peach to use some wind gusts and get to the top of a room while avoiding firebars. In the last part, Yoshi has to ride several pinwheels to avoid falling on the spikes below. Finally, Yoshi battles Priscilla. She can be defeated by throwing eggs at her when she leaps out of her pit. Yoshi can then continue on to the next level.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アリジゴくんのおしろ
Arijigo-kun no oshiro
Priscilla the Peckish's Castle
German Hort der hungrigen Huberta "Priscilla the Peckish's Shelter"
Korean 개미지옥군의 성
Gaemijiokgun'ui Seong
Priscilla the Peckish's Castle