Hurry and Throw!

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Hurry and Throw!
Hurry and Throw!.png
Level code Secret 4
Game Yoshi's Island DS
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Hurry and Throw! is the secret course of World 4 in Yoshi's Island DS. To complete this level, Yoshi must be able to throw eggs at exact areas and flutter accurately. This level's playable Yoshi is the black Yoshi.


At the beginning of the level, Yoshi must go through a simple and short area filled with Gusties and a Piranha Plant. The next part is in a self-scrolling castle. Yoshi must find three Number Balls and put them in the correct slots. The first number ball has to be shot up into the air at a target with dirt surrounding it. The second one needs to be thrown past four rotating blocks into the slot. If the number ball hits a rock, it may fall down a hole and Yoshi will have to get it again. For the third one, Yoshi must push a box so it falls on a panel. This makes blocks disappear in front of the third target. Yoshi must then throw the number ball into its slot. After all the number balls are put in the right places, a panel will be removed from blocking a door so Yoshi can get into it.

The next part of the level is in the sky in the evening. Yoshi must flutter high into the sky using only very small platforms, Bullet Bills and Para-Koopas. To complete this section, Yoshi must master his fluttering techniques. When Yoshi reaches the top of the level, he must finally flutter through rotating Fire Bars to reach the goal roulette.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese いそいでいれろ!すうじだま
Isoi de irero! Sūjidama
Put 'em Quickly! Number Balls

French Visez vite et bien!
Aim quickly and accurately!
German Schnellschuss-Feuerwerk
Quick-Shot Firework
Italian Corri e lancia!
Run and throw!
Spanish ¡Corre y lanza!
Run and Throw!