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A Spear-bot reveals its spear
“In the end, technology always wins out!”
Spear-bot, Wario Land 3

Spear-bots[1] are enemies encountered in Wario Land 3. They seem to be related to the similar-looking (but much larger) Hammer-bots, and a fire-wielding variety of them exists. (This variety can turn Wario into Flaming Wario.) Yet another variation exists that emits blades so sharp that they can cut Wario in half.

Spear-bots are very similar to Spearheads, who also use "spears" to harm Wario. However, Spear-bots don't always have their spears out to be touched; they store them in their chests when they are not in use. Unfortunately for Wario, though, these spears are revealed when a Spear-bot spots an opponent. Spear-bot also charges in the direction of any nearby opponent, making them a somewhat challenging enemy for Wario to overcome.

Wario Land 3's manual gives Spear-bot a bit of a personality. The manual reveals that he has a rivalry with Spearhead (although it is unknown if this grudge is requited), and it also suggests that Spear-bot is a firm believer in the idea that mechanical beings are superior to organic ones. Finally, the manual states that Spear-bot is mass produced, although it is unknown where.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヤリロボタ[2]
Yari Robota
From「槍」(yari, spear) and a derivation of「ロボット」(robotto, robot)
Dutch Prikbot[3] Prickly bot
French Robo-Pic
German Spear-Roboter[5]
Italian Robot-freccia[6]
Spanish Spear-bot[7] -


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