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Species Kitsune
First appearance Wario Land 3 (2000)

Wolfenboss[1] is one of the bosses found in Wario Land 3. He is a kitsune wearing a purple sorcerer's robe that can be fought in The Pool of Rain, starting off as a small blue and white wisp before quickly transforming to his true form as the battle starts.

Wolfenboss's main attack is to shoot energy balls at Wario. If he is hit, he will be lifted out of the arena in a similar fashion to Bubble Wario as Wolfenboss vanishes in a puff of smoke and have to restart. To hit this floating fox, Wario has to wait until he throws a spike ball and wait until a Chestnut comes out of it. Then, Wario chooses the right place to hit him so he can bounce off the wall Wario is facing and hit Wolfenboss.

After Wolfenboss is hit two times, his spiked ball attack is harder to avoid, as it bounces around. If Wario is hit by the spiked ball, he will become Puffy Wario and have to restart the battle. When hit three times, he falls and causes the cover blocking the way to the green chest to be removed.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ケズネ[2]
From 「キツネ」kitsune (fox). Same pronunciation for 「毛脛」kezune (hairy shins).
Spanish Coyote[3] Coyote