Cave of Flames

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S5 Cave of Flames

Cave of Flames is one of the many levels in Wario Land 3. It is located in the south part of the Music Box World. The player can gain access to it after getting the third music box in Sea Turtle Rocks. This is one of the three levels that takes place in a mountain.

As its name implies, this level is a dark cave situated in a mountain which is not volcanic. It contains a bomb, a series of flame blocks and a strange teleportation door which if Wario enters with an enemy in his hands, the enemy will disappear.

This is one of the three levels that have an iron wall. Wario needs the Rust Spray from Castle of Illusions to destroy it and access new areas.


Grey Chest: Staff of Purity[edit]

Staff of Purity

To get this treasure. Wario has to get the gray key first. To do so, he has to go down the ladder located at the entrance of the level. Then, use the Fire Wario form to break the flame blocks to the left. After that, he has to pick up the Spearhead and use him to break the blocks to the right. Note that there is a warp door between the blocks and the left side, if Wario goes through it with the spearhead, the spearhead will disappear. After the blocks are broken, he has to roll over and break the blocks that block access to the key.

As for the chest, he has to get back where the ladder is and go right avoiding the blue birds. Then open it with a key.

This treasure purifies the murky water in The Frigid Sea, Sea Turtle Rocks, and The Big Bridge.

Red Chest: Luxury Car[edit]

Wario finds the Luxury Car

To get this treasure, Wario must get the Jumping Boots from The Colossal Hole. Upon entering the cave, Wario must bounce off the blue Bird to reach a door and enter it. Here, Wario must avoid the Count Richtertoffens' attacks until he gets right above the red key. He has to wait until a count shakes the ground to make him fall and grab the key.

Then, he has to let one of the counts turn him into a Flat Wario to get past the small gap, then go into the water to turn into his normal self. Then, he has to process to another area. Here, Wario has to use some enemies to get to the top, and let the Doughnuteer there feed him a cake and turn him fat. Then, Wario has to get back to the counts' area and break the cake blocks blocking the way to the chest. When done so, Wario must simply open the chest containing the car.

Green Chest: Fuujin's Sack[edit]

Fuujin's Sack with the Eye of Gentle Wind

To get this treasure, Wario must first blow up the bomb found in this level using the detonator found in Beneath the Waves. Then, he has to make his way to a warp pipe (which was blocked by a wall before the bomb blew up). Wario must enter it. Here, Wario must let the Mad Scienstein turn him invisible. Then, Wario has to make his way to a protected gate. Using his ability, he can get pass it and grab the Green Key.

Then, he has to use Flaming Wario to get rid of the Fire Blocks in the upper part of the area. Then, he has to turn into Invisible Wario again and go explore the next area. Here, Wario has to avoid the jumping fish and the Brrr Bears and get pass the protected gate. A Brrr Bear there can turn him into his old self. Finally, Wario has to roll down a slope, avoid the lava, break the two blocks blocking the way to the chest and get the treasure.

This treasure, along with the Eye of Gentle Wind, makes leaves fall in Out of the Woods.

Blue Treasure: Scissors[edit]

The Scissors cutting a balloon in Above the Clouds

To get this treasure, Wario must first get the Rust Spray from Castle of Illusions. Then, he has to go to the rusted wall and ground-pound it to access a door. In this new room, Wario has to use Spear-bots to reach the Blue Key and get out of the area. Wario will then reach a room with three thwomp-like enemies. He has to use the first two as platforms and the last one to turn flat. Then, Wario has to exit this area. He'll now reach the Blue Chest area. Here, he has to go to the blue UFO to turn normal and progess to open the chest.

The Scissors will cut the balloon in Above the Clouds and make it float.

Reaction abilities in this level[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 炎の洞窟
Honō no Dōkutsu
Cave of Flames; same as the fifth stage of Mario & Wario.