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Wario standing next to Wormwould.
Species Worm
First appearance Wario Land 3 (2000)

Wormwould[1] is a worm boss found in Wario Land 3. Its name is a pun of "wormwood." It is guarding the Yellow Music Box in The Grasslands's Gray Chest.

When Wormwould emerges from the ground, it will always be on the other side from where Wario is, so if Wario is on the left side, Wormwould would pop up from the right, and vice versa. His main attack is to spit rocks to hit Wario. If Wario is hit by one of the rocks, he will roll out of the arena and have to restart the boss battle again. Using a Smash Attack or just stomping on its head will stop Wormwould's attack and causes it to retreat without being hit. To defeat it, Wario has to use the Smash Attack on Wormwould's head three times. Each hit speeds up Wormwould's movements. After the second hit, Wormwould would only partially pop up from the ground. After the boss's defeat, three sprouts will grow to allow Wario to get the Yellow Music Box.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドワーム[2]
Possibly from「ど」(do-, a Japanese prefix for "very much") and "worm"

Spanish Gusano[3]