The Big Bridge

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S2 The Big Bridge

The Big Bridge is a place located in the south part of the Music Box World in Wario Land 3. When Wario goes to the south part for the first time, the bridge isn't down. Upon using the first Music Box found in The Grasslands, it becomes accessible.

The level itself is a long gray bridge. Wario has to cross it to get some treasure. Upon stepping on it, flying fishes will try to stalk Wario and send him to the entrance.

There are also some doors underwater that the player can access.


Grey Chest: Miracle Seed[edit]

The Miracle Seed

To get this treasure, Wario has to get the key which is located on the entrance's left. Then, he has to cross the bridge by avoiding a series of Tadpoles. The treasure chest is just across the bridge.

The Miracle Seed will make vines grow in The Pool of Rain, The Grasslands and The Vast Plain. It allows Wario to open new paths.

Red Chest: Cyan Crayon[edit]

The sky colored by the Cyan Crayon

Wario needs to get the second power-up found in Tower of Revival to gain access to this treasure. To get to the chest, he only has to enter the door located deep underwater and avoid the Brrr Bears to get the red key and open the red chest.

This crayon colors the sky of the hill that separates the north side from the south side.

Green Chest: Pokémon Pikachu[edit]

Pokémon Pikachu

To get the treasure, Wario needs to pick up the red barrel located in the left side of the entrance, then use it to break the blocks at the right side of the level. The green key is in a room that Wario can enter using an underwater door.

As for the chest, it is located by entering the door accessible after breaking the blocks with the barrel. Wario has to play a minigame of Golf and raise the minigame block which leads to the chest.

The treasure serves no purpose. It refers to the Pokémon Pikachu virtual pet.

Blue Chest: Lantern of Truth[edit]

The Lantern of Truth, with the Flame of Truth inside it

To get this treasure, Wario needs the Spiked helmet. First, he must enter the door located in the left side of the level and search for the blue key. When found, he has to go underwater and break a series of blocks using his helmet (and his Bubble form). When done so, he has to climb the ladder located in the right side of the underwater area. Now that the blocks are broken, he can access the treasure chest.

The Lantern of Truth, along with the Flame of Truth, makes the Castle of Illusions appear on the east side.

Reaction abilities in this level[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 巨大橋
Kyodai Hashi
Huge Bridge