N64 Kalimari Desert 2

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This article is about the race course introduced in Mario Kart Tour. For the original course from Mario Kart 64, see N64 Kalimari Desert.
Kalimari Desert 2
Kalimari Desert 2 in Mario Kart Tour
The Train going in the tunnel
Appearance(s) Mario Kart Tour (2020)
Tour(s) Wild West Tour
Pirate Tour
Los Angeles Tour
Sunset Tour
Berlin Tour
Cat Tour
Bowser vs. DK Tour
Wedding Tour
Course map
Map of N64 Kalimari Desert 2 from Mario Kart Tour.

Kalimari Desert 2 is a race course in Mario Kart Tour. It made its debut in the Wild West Tour, and is a favorite of Cat Peach, Pauline (Party Time), Mario (Sunshine), Peach (Explorer), Luigi (Lederhosen), Dry Bones (Gold), Wario (Cowboy), and Bowser Jr. (Pirate). It is also a favorite of Captain Toad, Toadette (Explorer), and Dixie Kong if they are at level 6. It is the first new course introduced in Mario Kart Tour that is not an RMX course or one that is themed around a real-life location. Despite being new, the course's name is stylized as N64 Kalimari Desert 2 in-game.

Course layout[edit]

The course is a reroute of the original Kalimari Desert course from Mario Kart 64. Unlike the original, the course is segmented into two sections (the other courses of this type being 3DS Rainbow Road and Tokyo Blur 4): the first beginning from the normal start line, and the second from the start of the railroad tunnel near said start line in the Normal and Trick variants, or from the other entrance to the tunnel in the Reverse variant. A ramp was added at the first crossing, while at the second one the track diverts to circle the railroad loop. On the Trick variant, ramps were added to divert the two paths at the first crossing instead. Only one train is present on the track, moving much slower than the original trains since it now shares the tracks with the racers. The train is unaffected by the barrier at the second crossing (or the barrier at the first crossing in the Trick variant). Since the racers are always moving forward, colliding into the train causes them to launch over it unharmed while they perform a trick. The train can also be knocked into the air with a Super Horn, a Mega Mushroom, a Bowser's Shell, or a driver in an invincible state such as a frenzy or Super Star (in online matches where they appear). The first glider shortcut is still usable in the standard variant, though it is blocked off in the Trick variant to prevent racers from skipping the railroad section entirely. The second glider shortcut is blocked off in all variations of the course for the same reason (that includes the Trick variant, even though it wouldn't allow racers to skip anything). The course also uses the same music as the original course, which is the arrangement introduced in Mario Kart 7.


For this course's tour appearances, see List of N64 Kalimari Desert 2 tour appearances in Mario Kart Tour.



Mario Kart Tour[edit]

  • Mario Kart Tour Twitter: It's time for the Wild West Tour! What says "Wild West" more than the N64 Kalimari Desert 2 course? Trek through the tunnel or coast along train tracks. Just ensure the sandstorm doesn't choke your engine![1]


Course icons[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カラカラさばく 2
Karakara Sabaku 2
Kalimari Desert 2
Chinese (Simplified) 干旱沙漠 2
Gānhàn Shāmò 2
Kalimari Desert 2
Chinese (Traditional) 乾旱沙漠 2
Gānhàn Shāmò 2
Kalimari Desert 2
French Désert Kalimari 2 Kalimari Desert 2
German Kalimari-Wüste 2 Kalimari Desert 2
Italian Deserto Kalimari 2 Kalimari Desert 2
Korean 바싹바싹 사막 2
Bassak-Bassak Samak 2
Kalimari Desert 2
Portuguese Deserto Kalimari 2 Kalimari Desert 2
Spanish Desierto Kalimari 2 Kalimari Desert 2


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