Roller Coaster Balloons

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Roller Coaster Balloons
Pinna Park
Location Pinna Park
Mission # 8
Game Super Mario Sunshine
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“If you can hit all of the balloons with water rockets before the Roller Coaster makes three loops, you win!”
Noki, Super Mario Sunshine

Roller Coaster Balloons is the eighth episode of Pinna Park in Super Mario Sunshine. The episode's objective is to pop all the Bowser Jr.-shaped balloons while riding the Roller Coaster.


At the Roller Coaster boarding area, the player needs to talk to the green Noki, who will ask Mario if he wants to ride the Roller Coaster and try to pop all the balloons. The player needs to pop all twenty balloons before the Roller Coaster completes three laps around the track. Failure to do so before then will result in an instant loss of a life. The player will have thirty-three water rockets to fire and the player can pop multiple balloons with one rocket if they aim the rocket correctly. The balloons are grouped into pairs of either two or three and are placed in various areas around Pinna Park. If the player manages to pop all twenty balloons before the Roller Coaster completes three laps, they will be rewarded with a Shine Sprite.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジェットコースターで フーセンわり
Jetto Kōsutā de Fūsen Wari
Balloon Popping on the Roller Coaster
French (NOE) Les ballons des montagnes russes The Roller Coaster Balloon
German Achterballonfahrt Roller Coaster Balloon Ride
(Achterballonfahrt is a combination of the German words achterbahnfahrt (roller coaster ride) and ballon (balloon).)
Italian Montagne Russe e palloni gonfiati Roller Coaster and Inflated Balloons
Spanish (NOE) Los globos de la montaña rusa Roller Coaster Ballons