Petey Piranha Strikes Back

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Petey Piranha Strikes Back
Petey Piranha Strikes Back.png
Location Bianco Hills
Mission # 5
Game Super Mario Sunshine
Boss(es) Petey Piranha
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“I saw a monster with a super king-sized noggin! It was huge! There's no way that thing was natural!”
Pianta, Super Mario Sunshine

Petey Piranha Strikes Back is the fifth episode of Bianco Hills in Super Mario Sunshine. The episode's objective is to defeat Petey Piranha in a rematch. It is possible that the name of this mission is a parody of the movie Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back's title, as this mission's name and episode number corresponds with that of the movie's.


Mario waking up Petey Piranha
Mario firing a Poink at Petey.

Upon entering the village for this episode, the player finds goop splattered around everywhere. Cleaning it up makes the upcoming battle with Petey Piranha easier. To get to Petey Piranha, the player has to make it to the back of the village and find a submerged Pianta in the goop. Spraying the area around the Pianta makes him pop out of the ground. Cleaning the goop off of him and talking to him afterward causes him to throw the player upward. The player has to align the throw with the grassy ledge above as the Pianta throws the player behind him based on the direction they are facing. After talking to him, the Pianta starts walking around and may get stuck in the goop again. Once up on the ledge, the player has to climb up a series of shorter ledges and walk to the fence. Getting a Poink stuck to FLUDD's nozzle, the player has to fill it up with R Button and release to fire it at Petey Piranha, who is sleeping on a platform in the middle of a lake. The lake below cannot be entered, as it is at the bottom of a deep pit and falling into it causes the player to lose a life.

After hitting Petey Piranha with a Poink, he wakes up and begin flying into town where the battle takes place. Whenever Petey Piranha stops in the air, he attempts to spew goop on the town. To knock him down, the player needs to spray Petey Piranha with water as he is charging his attack. Once on the ground, Petey Piranha behaves similarly to the last battle, though he can now summon two tornadoes if Mario is too far away. Once Petey Piranha starts inhaling to fire goop, the player needs to spray water in his mouth until Petey Piranha falls over. His belly button becomes enlarged and the player now needs the Ground Pound the belly button in order to deal damage. The water Petey Piranha swallowed is then thrown up and washes away any goop around him. After this, Petey Piranha gets up and start flying once more. The player needs to repeat this process two more times to defeat Petey Piranha, revealing the Shine Sprite.

If in this episode Mario talks to the tourist Pianta in the separate part of the lake from the Big Windmill who gives him the Blue Coin after cleaning him, he tells him, "Bianco Hills is a rather interesting place, huh? We have falling goop and all sorts of other oddities!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボスパックンの ぎゃくしゅう
Bosu Pakkun no Gyakushū
Petey Piranha's Revenge
French (NOE) Le retour de Flora Piranha The Return of Petey Piranha
German Mutant-Tyranha schlägt zurück Petey Piranha Strikes Back
Italian Pipino colpisce ancora Petey strikes again
Spanish (NOE) ¡Floro Piraña contraataca! Petey Piranha strikes back!