Red Coin Chucksters

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Red Coin Chucksters
Red Coin Chucksters.png
Location Pianta Village
Mission # 9
Game Super Mario Sunshine
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Red Coin Chucksters,[1] also called Those Crazy Chucksters,[2] is the bonus ninth episode of Pianta Village in Super Mario Sunshine. It can be accessed by replaying Secret of the Village Underside.


Revisiting this course will allow Mario to use FLUDD and do a red coin challenge. A Red Switch Plate will be placed on the small platform just behind the first chuckster, Ground Pounding it will cause eight red coins to appear throughout the course and the player has to collect them all within a time limit of one minute and thirty seconds. Completing the task will reward the player with a Shine Sprite, but failing to do so will result in Mario losing a life and starting the challenge over. The locations of the red coins are:

  • One Red Coin is high in the air above the second chuckster, Side Somersault from the Red Switch Plate to reach it.
  • One Red Coin is in the third chuckster's path.
  • Two Red Coins are on either side of the platform with the Strollin' Stus. Side Somersault or Spin Jump to reach them.
  • Two Red Coins are in a section behind the platform with the Strollin' Stus that can only be reached with the Hover Nozzle. The first is above the tightrope, and the second is on the platform with the flaming Pianta just to the right of the tightrope. Once both are collected, there is a chuckster that can throw you back to the platform with the Strollin' Stus as a shortcut.
  • The final two Red Coins are on the platform with the chuckster walking around a center platform.

Once all of the Red Coins are collected, the Shine Sprite will appear on the platform the final chuckster is circling.


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