Peach Tournament

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The Peach Tournament is the final tournament in Mario Tennis: Power Tour for the Game Boy Advance. It is held in the Mushroom Kingdom and is accessible after winning the Island Open.

After either the singles or the doubles championship in the Island Open, Alex will arrive at the dormitories and will escort Ace and Clay to the statue next to the training facility. It will open, revealing a secret stairway. On the other side, Alex will introduce the pair to Mario and Toadsworth, who learned of their success in the Island Open and invite them to the Mushroom Kingdom. After accepting the invitation, all four take a private airplane to the Peach Dome, where Princess Peach will greet them and begin The Peach Tournament.

The Peach Tournament is divided into singles and doubles championships. Each match is 5 sets and 2 games long. Defeating the character in either championship will unlock a star version of that character that can be used in exhibition mode. The order in which the player battles the other characters in the tournaments is predetermined for the first time. Unlike the Island Open, the player may repeat the Peach Tournament again without having to create a new file. After completing the tournament once, the characters (and teams for doubles) will be randomized in subsequent competitions.


In singles, the player will battle in order: Peach, Bowser, and lastly Mario. Bowser and Waluigi are given a bye to the semifinals.

MarioTennisGBAPeachTournamentSinglesBracket.png Character Result MarioTennisGBAPeachTournamentSinglesBracketFinal.png
Clay/Ace Winner
Bowser Lost the semifinal to Clay/Ace.
Donkey Kong Lost round one to Mario.
Mario Runner-up. Lost the final to Clay/Ace.
Peach Lost round one to Clay/Ace.
Waluigi Lost the semifinal to Mario.


In doubles, the player's team will battle Donkey Kong and Luigi, and lastly Bowser and Waluigi.

MarioTennisGBAPeachTournamentDoublesBracket.png Character Result MarioTennisGBAPeachTournamentDoublesBracketFinal.png
Clay and Ace Winners
Bowser and Waluigi Runners-up. Lost the final to Clay and Ace.
Donkey Kong and Luigi Lost round one to Clay and Ace.
Mario and Peach Lost round one to Bowser and Waluigi.


  • Bowser is the only character the player battles in both singles and doubles.
  • Luigi does not participate in the singles tournament. However, he may participate after the player completes the singles tournament for the first time.
  • Unlike the Island Open, there are no seeded players. The players given the byes are randomized after the first tournament is completed.