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"Baby Penguin" redirects here. For information about the penguins in the Mario Party series also referred to as "Baby Penguins", see Penguin § Mario Party series.
Artwork of Mother Penguin and Tuxie for Super Mario 64
Artwork of Tuxie and her mother in Super Mario 64
Species Penguin
First appearance Super Mario 64 (1996)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All-Stars (2020)
“Ayiiieee! Please don't eat me. I promise that I don't taste good. Plus, I'll give you cavities.”
Tuxie, Super Mario 64 DS
Mario rescues baby Tuxie.

Tuxie,[1] also known as the Baby Penguin[2] and Li'l Penguin,[3] is a blue baby penguin that is lost on top of Cool, Cool Mountain in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. She needs to be reunited with her mother. Mario picks Tuxie up and carries her down the mountain to her mother, located at its base. For finding her baby, the Mother Penguin awards Mario a Power Star. However, if Tuxie is picked up again after being returned, her mother will follow Mario sternly until he drops her. The name comes from "tux," the shortened form of "tuxedo," which is a type of formal suit that bears a resemblance to a penguin's feathers. Tuxie is not actually referred to by name in the game and can easily be confused with another baby penguin who is also located on Cool, Cool Mountain. This latter penguin is located on the roof of the cabin next to Tuxie's mother. If Mario delivers this lookalike to the mother, she tells him that it looks nothing like her baby (she says elsewhere that her baby has her beak).

Tuxie's chirp is quite loud and sounds slightly like a car alarm. However, once Mario picks her up, she stops chirping and instead emits a whining cry, which will stop only if Mario lets her go or drops her. The player is able to drop Tuxie off the mountain without angering the Mother Penguin. If the player falls off while carrying Tuxie, she will automatically come back up.


  • "Li'l Penguin is a precious baby who must be protected at all costs. Are you taking proper care of this little pal in #SuperMario3DAllStars?"[3]



Mario and Tuxie diving together in Super Mario 64
  • If Mario performs a dive near both Tuxie and the other baby penguin near the Mother Penguin, they will both perform a dive as well. In Super Mario 64, they make a different chirp sound.


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