Wario's Homerun Derby

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A homerun with the Wario baseball going through the screen.
Wario's Homerun Derby is displayed sideways on the screen.

Wario's Homerun Derby is a mini-game that is featured in the game Wario Land 4. Like the other two mini-games in the Mini-Game Shop, it costs 5000 points to play (points are obtained during normal gameplay). The Blue Game Bot allows Wario to play this mini-game. In this mini-game, a stick figure pitches a baseball to Wario, who must hit it by pressing A Button with good timing to hit a home run, while at the same time avoiding a foul ball or striking out. If Wario manages to hit three homeruns in a row, he wins a Frog Medal, which can be spent at the Item Shop. As the mini-game progresses, and the player gets more and more Frog Medals, the pitches get faster, and some times curve.

The game continues until the player either strikes out three times in a row, or hits the ball and is unsuccessful in getting a home run three times in the same round. Playing again costs another 5000 points. The baseball that is thrown has Wario's face on it.

In the Super Hard Mode, the pitcher is a woman instead of a man and she uses special pitching more frequently.

Special pitching[edit]

Sometimes the baseball moves in unusual patterns. The pitchers will always do the same head moves before performing each special pitching.

  • Nod, nod: The ball moves faster than usual; sometimes it turns back to normal speed midway.
  • Shake, shake, nod: The ball moves slower than usual; sometimes it turns back to normal speed midway.
  • Nod, shake, nod: The ball becomes invisible midway.
  • Shake, nod: The ball deflects away from the baseball bat near the end.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Chinese 瓦力欧本垒打[1]
Wǎlìōu Běnlěidǎ
Wario Homerun


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