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WL4-Frog Switch Artwork.png
Artwork of Wario jumping on the switch
A switch with a Frog on the top.

First appearance

Wario Land 4 (2001)
The switch in the Hall of Hieroglyphs

A switch,[1] also referred to as a timer,[2] is an object that appears at the end of every level in Wario Land 4. When Wario jumps on a switch, the switch will open up to reveal a ticking time bomb, and any solid Frog Blocks will turn transparent, and vice-versa. Wario will then only have a certain amount of time to escape the level by returning to the vortex at the beginning of the stage. If Wario does not escape before the timer runs out, his coins will drop, and the player's score will be the timer, dropping extremely fast, and the theme will be less intense, but the theme changes into a sound resembling a clock ticking. After this, if Wario can't escape before the score reaches zero, Wario will be forced out of the level and back to the main map, losing the score, requiring the player to start the level from the beginning. The Switch also appears before the level on the main map. Wario would have to hit that one to open the vortex and enter the level. The times given by the switches vary on the game mode. A complete list of times can be seen in the section below. Switches resemble a blue frog on top of a red base that has a green and yellow trim. When the switch is hit, Wario shouts "Hurry up!" to the player, and an intense tune begins to play, which induces the player to run fast back to the beginning of the level. In the level Fiery Cavern, the switch turns the level into ice. In the Hotel Horror, there are two doors which have a frog sign on it. These doors will only open when the switch is hit.

The switch made a cameo appearance in Densetsu no Starfy 3, where Starfy and Wario must trek through the Undersea Ruins. A switch is found in the middle of the level, opening up a new area.

List of time limits[edit]

This table is a list of time limits given to complete levels in different game modes. It also includes the times to defeat the in-game bosses. Note that the Golden Passage's switch is located at the beginning of the level in all modes.

Level Time limits given in different game modes to complete the levels
Normal Hard S-Hard
Entry Passage
Hall of Hieroglyphs 1:00 0:15 2:30*
Spoiled Rotten (boss) 1:00 0:30 0:15
Emerald Passage
Palm Tree Paradise 1:30 0:45 4:30*
Wildflower Fields 2:30 1:20 0:50
Mystic Lake 3:00 2:00 1:30
Monsoon Jungle 4:00 2:45 2:00
Cractus (boss) 4:00 3:00 2:00
Ruby Passage
The Curious Factory 3:30 2:50 2:30
The Toxic Landfill 5:00 3:30 2:30
40 Below Fridge 4:00 3:30 2:00
Pinball Zone 6:00 5:15 3:30
Cuckoo Condor (boss) 4:00 3:00 2:00
Topaz Passage
Toy Block Tower 4:00 2:30 2:00
The Big Board 3:00 2:30 2:00
Doodle Woods 6:00 5:15 4:00
Domino Row 4:00 3:00 2:00
Aerodent (boss) 4:00 3:00 2:00
Sapphire Passage
Crescent Moon Village 3:30 2:45 2:00
Arabian Night 4:00 3:00 1:30
Fiery Cavern 5:00 4:00 2:45
Hotel Horror 4:00 3:15 2:00
Catbat (boss) 4:00 3:00 2:00
Golden Pyramid
Golden Passage 9:30 6:00 3:30
Golden Diva (boss) 6:00 5:00 4:00
*Switch position changes



Audio.svg Switch - Music that is heard when the switch is hit
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スイッチ[3]
Spanish Interruptor[4] Switch


  • A redesign of this switch was intended to appear in Wario Land: Shake It!, but was removed in the final version.
  • Wario's "Hurry Up!" dialogue is not always the same. Wario can say "No-no-no.. Hurry up!" or "H-H-Hurry up!" as well.


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