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Aerodent hiding on his giant teddy bear in Wario Land 4
Sprite from Wario Land 4
Species Bear, rat
First appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)
Latest appearance Super Mario-kun (volume 28) (2003)
Map of the level

Aerodent is the guardian of the Topaz Passage and the fourth boss in Wario Land 4. Aerodent is a gray mouse ghost who hides inside an inflated bear balloon. His name is a portmanteau of "aero," describing his airborne status, and "rodent," relating to his appearance. The time given to defeat the boss varies on the game mode: in Normal, it is 4:00, in Hard, it is 3:00, and in S-Hard, it is 2:00. The Large Lips can deal a lot of damage to Aerodent beforehand. When fully inflated, this balloon is out of Wario's reach. From this safe vantage, Aerodent drops pin enemies in an attempt to harm Wario. The balloon can be deflated if a pin enemy is thrown by Wario at the soft patch on the bottom, since it does not work if it is too close to the leg area. The padded legs then flash to indicate where Wario can hit it. After that, the teddy bear flips, with Aerodent poking his head out of the inflated area. Aerodent can be rammed to damage it. The inflated bear balloon goes up a little if hit by Wario's head. If Wario does not touch Aerodent for a while or the balloon rises high enough, Aerodent will inflate the balloon and go upward again. After enough damage, Aerodunt begins to throw flaming sticks at Wario, setting the ground alight on contact and turning Wario into Flaming Wario if he touches the fire. After enough hits, Aerodent is knocked off-screen and Wario is rewarded with the creature's Necklace.

Aerodent appears in volume 28 of Super Mario-kun in the Wario Land 4 arc. It can shoot fire at Wario, transforming Wario into Flaming Wario. It takes heavy damage when the shop owner uses the Large Lips move on it, and Wario deals the finishing blow to it.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シッキー
A reference to "Mickey"; likely including「指揮」(shiki, "command")

Chinese (simplified) 气球熊耗子[1]
Qìqiú Xióng Hàozi
Balloon Bear Mouse

Italian Aerodente
From the prefix aero- and dente ("tooth")


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