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"Sunny Side up" redirects here. For information about the microgame in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!, see Sunny-Side Up.
Karaoke (Medamayaki) album covers, with the moving image of the singing cat.
Karaoke CDs.
The completed Sound Room.
The Completed Sound Room, with the Karaoke at the top.

The Karaoke song Medamayaki (a Japanese word literally translated as "fried egg"), known as Sunny Side up in the Japanese version, is an unlockable song in the Game Boy Advance game Wario Land 4. It can be played in the Sound Room, which is a place within the Golden Pyramid where Wario can play tracks off CDs collected in each level of the pyramid's Passages. However, the Karaoke is obtained in a different way; the player must collect 10,000 or more points in each of the eighteen levels in order to unlock it. It can also be unlocked with a cheat code by highlighting "Exit" and holding Select + Start, + Up + L + R. The song itself is an extended version of the Palm Tree Paradise theme. It features a female singing a song in Japanese over a catchy tune. The lyrics appear at the bottom of the screen in Romanized Japanese (Romaji; English version) resp. in Kana (Japanese version), with the letters flashing red as they are pronounced. The vocals can be toggled on or off (with the exception of the introductory "Hello there!" at the song's beginning) by pressing L or R, while still leaving the backing track and lyrics. Whenever this is done, the album's cover changes from a pale orange with a sleeping cat to a green cover with a singing cat. The speed and pitch of the song can also be toggled using the D-Pad. All this control over the music gives a complete Karaoke feel to the player. The music video show contains a mix of sixteen different Wariograms seen in the videos of other CDs. The Karaoke plays in a loop, unlike other tracks in the Sound Room.

Lyrics and translation[edit]

NOTE: The "Custom English Lyrics" is an approximation of the actual translation that matches the melody of the original and allow the song to be sung in English (thus conveying the tone of the song).

Romaji Lyrics Translation Custom English Lyrics
Hello there!

Ukurere mitai na tabi o shiyō
Aruite ikō
Tsuki no kakera o hiroi nagara
Chizu no kawari ni kyanbasu
Niji no shizuku de
Hinode ni ma ni au yō ni
Boyaketa tokei wa oitekō
Umi ni tameiki tokashite
Ishi ni koe o kizamō
Tsuki o sūpu ni ukabetara
Hyōgara no kumo ga warau

Hello there!

Let's go on a ukulele-like trip
Let's go on foot
Whilst finding a fragment of the moon
A canvas for a map
With a drop of a rainbow
(Let's color it)
So we're in time for the sunrise
Let's leave the dim clock behind
Let a sigh dissolve in the sea
And carve a voice into a stone
When the moon floats on the soup
The leopard-print cloud smiles

Hello there!

Let's go on an excursion where paradise awaits us.
On our feet we will travel;
We're seeking and finding a fragment of the moon.
For our map we will use a canvas,
With a drop of a rainbow.
(Bring on the color!)
So we get back in time for sunrise,
Let's just take all our dim clocks and leave them behind!
May our sighing dissolve into the ocean deep,
And may glad voices be carved like names into stone.
When the moon goes floating on a big bowl of soup,
Clouds with print like a leopard will smile for sure.


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