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This article is about the soundtrack menu of Wario Land 4. For soundtrack menus in other games, see Category:Music lists.
The completed Sound Room
The eighteen different album covers, including the two Karaoke covers.

The Sound Room is a location in the Game Boy Advance game Wario Land 4. It is a place that Wario stores the CDs that he collects in the levels. Stored on the CDs are different tunes and sound effects can be played back. Each one has a unique album cover (refer to picture). Inside the Sound Room are two speakers on the wall, along with two television screens; one that shows the album cover for the CD Wario is listening to, and the other one shows a music video featuring a unique Wariogram (a human cosplayed as Wario), a dog, an apple, a fox mask, a raccoon, and many other pictures. Different colored CDs are stored in different rows. The first being green (retrieved from the Emerald Passage), red (Ruby Passage), yellow (Topaz Passage) and blue (Sapphire Passage). A seventeenth CD, the Karaoke, can be unlocked by getting 10,000 or more points in every level, including Hall of Hieroglyphs and Golden Passage (even though there are no CDs to collect in those levels). It is a full song featuring a female singing in Japanese over a catchy tune.


  • Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program digital manual bio: "You can listen to the CDs you have acquired during your adventure here."

Media and list of CDs[edit]

Emerald Passage CDs[edit]

Audio.svg Sound Room - About That Shepherd
File infoMedia:WL4-About That Shepherd.oga
Audio.svg Sound Room - Things That Never Change
File infoMedia:WL4-Things That Never Change.oga
Audio.svg Sound Room - Tomorrow's Blood Pressure
File infoMedia:WL4-Tomorrow's Blood Pressure.oga
Audio.svg Sound Room - Beyond The Headrush
File infoMedia:WL4-Beyond the Headrush.oga
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Ruby Passage CDs[edit]

Audio.svg Sound Room - Driftwood & the Island Dog
File infoMedia:WL4-Driftwood and the Island Dog.oga
Audio.svg Sound Room - The Judge's Feet
File infoMedia:WL4-The Judge's Feet.oga
Audio.svg Sound Room - The Moon's Lamppost
File infoMedia:WL4-The Moon's Lamppost.oga
Audio.svg Sound Room - Soft Shell
File infoMedia:WL4-Soft Shell.oga
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Topaz Passage CDs[edit]

Audio.svg Sound Room - So Sleepy
File infoMedia:WL4-So Sleepy.oga
Audio.svg Sound Room - The Short Futon
File infoMedia:WL4-The Short Futon.oga
Audio.svg Sound Room - Avocado Song
File infoMedia:WL4- Avocado Song.oga
Audio.svg Sound Room - Mr. Fly
File infoMedia:WL4 Mr Fly Theme.oga
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Sapphire Passage CDs[edit]

Audio.svg Sound Room - Yesterday's Words
File infoMedia:WL4- Yesterday's Words.oga
Audio.svg Sound Room - The Errand
File infoMedia:WL4-The Errand.oga
Audio.svg Sound Room - You and Your Shoes
File infoMedia:WL4-You and Your Shoes.oga
Audio.svg Sound Room - Mr. Ether & Planaria
File infoMedia:WL4 Mr Ether and Planaria Theme.oga
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Audio.svg Sound Room - Karaoke (Medamayaki)
File infoMedia:WL4 Karaoke Theme.oga
Audio.svg Sound Room - Backing track
File infoMedia:WL4 - Medamayaki Backing Track.oga
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Estudio[1]

Emerald Passage CDs[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese あの ひつじかい に ついて しってる 2、3のこと
Ano Hitsujikai ni Tsuite Shitteru Ni, San no Koto
Several Things I Know About That Shepherd
Language Name Meaning
Japanese その つぎに かわらない モノ
Sono Tsugi ni Kawaranai Mono
The Next Thing That Doesn't Change
Language Name Meaning
Japanese あした の けつあつ
Ashita no Ketsuatsu
Tomorrow's Blood Pressure
Language Name Meaning
Japanese たちくらみ の むこうがわ
Tachikurami no Mukō Gawa
Beyond the Blindness

Ruby Passage CDs[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese りゅうぼく と アイルランドいぬ
Ryūboku to Airurando Inu
Driftwood and Irish Dog
Language Name Meaning
Japanese さいばんかん の あし
Saibankan no Ashi
Judge's Feet
Language Name Meaning
Japanese つき の でんちゅう
Tsuki no Denchū
Telephone Pole of the Moon
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヤワラカイ こうら
Yawarakai Kōra
Soft Shell

Topaz Passage CDs[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese やっぱり ねむいね・・・
Yappari Nemuine...
Sleepy After All
Language Name Meaning
Japanese みぢかい ふとん
Mijikai Futon
Short Futon
Language Name Meaning
Japanese アボカド ソング
Abokado Songu
Avocado Song
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハエおとこ
Hae Otoko
The Fly Man

Sapphire Passage CDs[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese きのう の コトバ
Kinō no Kotoba
Yesterday's Words
Language Name Meaning
Japanese おつかい
The Errand
Language Name Meaning
Japanese きみ と クツ
Kimi to Kutsu
You and Shoes
Language Name Meaning
Japanese エーテルおじさん と プラナリア
Eteru Ojisan to Puranaria
Uncle Ether and Planaria


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