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The pop-up storybook of Yoshi's Story.
Yoshi's Island after it got turned into a book

Yoshi's Story, also referred to as Stitch World[1] or Yoshi's Picture Book,[2] is the eponymous setting of the game of the same name. The book was originally Yoshi's Island, but it was transformed into a pop-up book by Baby Bowser after he stole the Super Happy Tree. The book is made up of six worlds, called "pages," with four areas for the Yoshis to look around. On the first page, the player can choose one of the four levels on the page, but in order to unlock the other three levels, a Yoshi must find Special Hearts hidden in levels. Collecting Special Hearts allows the Yoshi to unlock more levels for the next page. The book is similar to a Choose Your Own Adventure book, as the player can choose only one level from each page, making the game have at least 24 different endings (not including how many Yoshis are left at the end).

The book returns in the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, where it appears as the setting of the Dream Long Jump event.


Page Levels
P. 1-Beginning The first page of the book. The environment is friendly, the challenges are easy, and there are many fruits. Players can go on a treasure hunt, find some surprises, leap to new heights via Rail Lifts, or try to climb a tower.
P. 2-Cavern The second page of the book. It is set underground and contains all sorts of nocturnal frights and obstacles. Despite its name, Cavern is only half-cavern, as the other half is made of pipelines. When the player obtains all of the Special Hearts from Beginning, they can choose to survive a cave of Bone Dragons, go through a sea of lava while avoiding Blarggs, enter a pipeline with goo and gel on the sides, or navigate a maze with currents of water gushing through vents.
P. 3-Summit The third page of the book, which takes place on a summit that is made up of clouds, snow, and sky. This is one of two pages with a boss battle (the boss depends on the level chosen). When the player obtains all of the Special Hearts in a chosen Cavern level, they can choose to do some cloud cruising, scale a tall tower, navigate snowy paths with the help of Poochy, or travel to another snowy area and try to retain their frustration.
P. 4-Jungle The fourth page of the book. All sorts of jungle wildlife can be found here, and the environment ranges from inflatable palm trees to water and many other areas. When the player obtains all of the Special Hearts in a chosen Summit level, they can choose to search huts on the jungle outskirts, swim in the wetter part of the jungle while trying to escape being eaten by Blurps, navigate through a Piranha-filled forest, or try to go through the deepest part of the jungle with the assistance of tall creatures called Neurons.
P. 5-Ocean The fifth page of the book, which is set on the ocean. When the player obtains all three Special Hearts in a chosen Jungle level, they can have the choice of swimming underwater with jellyfish, swimming underwater with a variety of fish, running on land and having fun with Limbo Guys, or trying to avoid getting hit by Bob-ombs shot from pirate ships.
P. 6-Finale The sixth and last page of the book, which is set in Bowser's Castle. It is separated into four sections. When the player obtains all three Special Hearts from a chosen Ocean level, they can choose to go through the machines of the Mecha Castle, ride the many lifts of the Lift Castle, maneuver through the Boos of the Ghost Castle, or face a labyrinth of lava in the Magma Castle. Regardless of the level chosen, completing a level pits the Yoshis against Baby Bowser in a fight for the Super Happy Tree.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヨッシーのえほん
Yosshī no Ehon
Yoshi's Picture Book

Italian Libro illustrato[3] (Yoshi's Story)
Album di Yoshi (Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games of London)
Illustrated book
Yoshi's (Photo) Album


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