Team Chibi Yoshis

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Team Chibi Yoshis
Text Translation:
Species Baby Yoshi
First appearance Super Mario-Kun Volume 19
Latest appearance Super Mario-Kun Volume 20

Team Chibi Yoshis (チーム ちび ヨッシーズ), abbreviated as T.C.Y., is the name given to the six Baby Yoshis that accompany Mario in volumes 19 and 20 of the Super Mario-Kun manga. They are based on the six Baby Yoshis depicted in Yoshi's Story, but are only referred to as a group in this way in the manga series. Unlike in the game, each Baby Yoshi has a unique personality and appearance, and cooperate to solve problems during their adventure.

They each have a unique introductory page with a brief description, sketch, and four-panel comic displaying a dominant aspect of their personality in Volume 19 (on pages 20, 36, 68, 84, 124, and 140).

Team Members[edit]

Green Yoshi[edit]

Text Translation:
Green Yoshi

Green Yoshi is the first to hatch after Mario arrives in the Yoshi's Island storybook. He is good tempered and hard working, and is always ready to work hard for the rest of the team. Though he is referred to as the leader of the team from the outset, his position as such is not solidified until after he and Red Yoshi have a competition to decide who would make a better leader. In the end, Green shows a spirit of self-sacrifice and helps Red complete the challenge, and so Mario declares Green the leader.

Red Yoshi[edit]

Text Translation:
Red Yoshi

Red Yoshi is fiery-tempered and always looking to pick a fight. His introductory four-panel comic even shows him picking a fight with a stone after he tripped over it. He wears a hachimaki, or headband, that changes constantly to display what he is thinking or feeling at any given moment. He is always ready to take a challenge head on, but lacks the selflessness required to be the team leader. But despite his tough exterior, he does have a soft side and is sometimes moved to tears in emotional situations.

Light Blue Yoshi[edit]

Text Translation:
Light Blue Yoshi

Light Blue Yoshi is extremely smart and well-behaved. When all the other Yoshis are causing trouble, Mario often relies on Light Blue to get things done. He usually turns to head-knowledge when it comes to solving problems, and often builds machines to help the team through tough situations - but they do not always work well. Always looking at the world through the eyes of an academic, he gets most passionate when he is about to discover something of scientific significance - for example, the Bone Dragon skulls that he assumes are an archaeological treasure trove.

Pink Yoshi[edit]

Text Translation:
Pink Yoshi

Pink Yoshi is an "okama" (御釜), or effeminate/eccentric male. He wears a large bow and makeup and is always trying to use his feminine charms to get through situations, which never succeeds. Though he is usually sweet, if someone upsets him — for example, by insulting his cooking or interrupting his beauty sleep — he can be the most fearsome Yoshi of all.

Blue Yoshi[edit]

Text Translation:
Blue Yoshi

Blue Yoshi is described as both Hesomagari, a word that connotes a generally unimpressed, disagreeable, and stubborn disposition, and Shibui, one who is cool, classy, and appreciates subtle sophistication. He almost never gets excited about anything and usually shows no emotion unless it is irritation. He keeps a cool head under pressure and has sophisticated tastes.

Yellow Yoshi[edit]

Text Translation:
Yellow Yoshi

Yellow Yoshi is notoriously stupid, but has a good heart. He is always depicted with a string of mucus dripping from his nose and has a tendency to mistake what people say for something else that sounds similar, creating a lot of word puns. He is extremely close to Poochy and the two are almost always seen together. Though he is not very smart, he has a willing spirit and is always trying to help out, but he usually gets yelled at for his constant, clumsy mistakes.