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A Mii riding a mechanical Yoshi in the minigame Yoshi's Fruit Cart
A Mii riding a Yoshi Cart

A Yoshi Cart is a mechanical vehicle resembling Yoshi that appears in two minigames in Nintendo Land, Yoshi's Fruit Cart and Mario Chase. Yoshi Carts play voice clips of Yoshi when interacted with.

In Yoshi's Fruit Cart, a Yoshi Cart is ridden by a Mii, and it follows the path drawn by the Wii U's Stylus stylus in order to eat fruit and avoid obstacles such as spikes and holes in the ground. Eating a fruit replenishes the Yoshi Cart's fuel meter at the bottom of the screen; if the fuel meter fills completely due to this, the Yoshi Cart produces an egg, each of which are worth 10 points upon reaching the door. The player loses a life if the Yoshi Cart runs out of fuel or into a hazard. According to Monita's prize description for the spike prize, Yoshi Carts cannot feel pain.

In Mario Chase, if there is only one Toad player, they are provided the assistance of two computer-controlled Yoshi Carts which actively seek out the Mario player. If a Yoshi Cart sees the Mario player, they raise a red flag and alert the Toad player of the section they are currently in. A Yoshi Cart can use its tongue to stun the Mario player, giving the single Toad player time to catch them. However, the Yoshi Carts are knocked away if they are touched by the Mario player made invincible using a Super Star.

Prize description[edit]

The Yoshi Cart is highly versatile--its long tongue can be used to snap up fruit, strike enemies, do some light cleaning and mopping... Needless to say, it's a huge hit here at Nintendo Land.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Macchinina di Yoshi
Yoshi li'l car