Yoshi's Fruit Cart

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Yoshi's Fruit Cart
Yoshi Fruit Cart NL.png

Yoshi's Fruit Cart is a minigame appearing in the Wii U title, Nintendo Land. It requires the player to draw a path for the Mii on the Yoshi Cart to follow through each course. However, only the view of the course displayed on the TV screen shows the fruit that must be collected and obstacles that must be avoided along the way to the goal. This minigame is one of two from the 12 games in Nintendo Land to utilize its Stylus to draw paths on the touchscreen.


Stylus: Draw paths

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヨッシーのフルーツカート
Yosshī no furūtsukāto
Yoshi's Fruit Cart
Dutch Yoshi's fruitkar Yoshi's fruit cart
French La récolte fruitée de Yoshi Yoshi's Fruity Harvest
German Yoshis Früchtewagen Yoshi's Fruit Cart
Italian La fruituosa raccolta di Yoshi Yoshi's fruit harvest
Portuguese Carrinho de Fruta do Yoshi Yoshi's Fruit Cart
Russian Фруктовая тележка Йоши
Fruktovaya telezhka Yoshi
Yoshi's Fruit Cart
Spanish El carrito de frutas de Yoshi Yoshi's Fruit Cart