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An unopened prize
This article is about the objects in Nintendo Land. For the items in Donkey Kong referred to as "prizes" in some versions of the game, see Pauline's lost items.

Prizes are objects that appear in the Plaza in Nintendo Land. They have an appearance of a ? Block and can be obtained by completing levels in the pachinko minigame.

Mario-related prizes[edit]

The following prizes appear from Mario-related minigames:

Prize Monita's description Minigame
Apple "I have fond memories of my grandmother coming to bring me a basket of apples. Funny. I don't remember eating them..." Yoshi's Fruit Cart
Balancing Bloopers "You can see these balancing Bloopers when you play Mario Chase with four or more players. We made a lot of Bloopers, but we decided not to show them all to save face (and ink)!" Mario Chase
Bananas "Here's a tongue twister for you: banana banana banana banana banana banana. Devious, isn't it?" Yoshi's Fruit Cart
Battery "This is a flashlight battery--the type that just pops into existence when you need it most. It's a strange yet convenient phenomenon, but I do wish they'd stop appearing so far away." Luigi's Ghost Mansion
Bee "These bees are serious predators, armed with stingers both at the rear and the mouth. Oh dear... I see that steely look in its eyes. It's after me!" Yoshi's Fruit Cart
Bullet Bill "This is a giant mobile based on everyone's favorite giant bullet. Caution: watching it spin for too long may cause drowsiness and/or indescribably bizarre dreams!" Mario Chase
Egg "Oddly enough, these eggs follow the Yoshi Cart on their own--no coercion required. This is good, because I'm not sure how one would go about trying to reason with an egg." Yoshi's Fruit Cart
Flashlight "This special flashlight is specifically designed for ghost trackers. These things hardly last more than a few minutes, though. Shoddy product design, if you ask me." Luigi's Ghost Mansion
Gear Crank (Left) "This handle turns smoothly thanks to revolutionary technology. Truly revolutionary. You know...because it rotates." Donkey Kong's Crash Course
Gear Crank (Right) "It took three years of intensive research to develop a handle that runs this smoothly. In hindsight, it has become increasingly clear that the time could have been better spent." Donkey Kong's Crash Course
Ghost Statue "In Luigi's Ghost Mansion, you can zap ghosts with light to drain them of their supernatural energy. That's just the magic of Nintendo Land. Obviously, real ghosts would laugh at such a pathetic attack." Luigi's Ghost Mansion
Goal Flag "It's all too easy to crash just before you pass the flag. Don't get careless!" Donkey Kong's Crash Course
Goal Gate "These gates are opened only by gobbling up all the fruit. Rumor has it there are secret gates that take you to distant, far-off stages..." Yoshi's Fruit Cart
Grapes "You can squeeze grapes for juice, get oil from the seeds, or even eat them raw. Isn't that astonishing? That makes grapes a prime candidate for most well-rounded player of the fruit world." Yoshi's Fruit Cart
Melon "Apparently, if you've never scooped into half a melon with a spoon, you haven't lived. But they only come as a whole around here at Nintendo Land, so I suppose I don't qualify as a living entity yet." Yoshi's Fruit Cart
Number Flag "You'll find these flags sticking out of various pieces of fruit. Forcing people to eat fruit in a certain order is unethical. I think I'll lodge a formal myself." Yoshi's Fruit Cart
Orange "When I think of oranges, I think of one thing: marmalade. This might be odd, considering I lack taste-processing hardware." Yoshi's Fruit Cart
Peach "This peach's skin looks fluffy, but don't rub it against your face, because it hurts! I don't fully understand nonrobotic life-forms, but I assume the first thing you do with a piece of ripe fruit is rub it on your face." Yoshi's Fruit Cart
Pear "Pare a pair of pears to get a pair of pared pears. My search function tells me this is a good recipe for fruit salad..." Yoshi's Fruit Cart
Piranha Plant "Piranha Plants are by far the most common man-eating plant native to pipes. This pipe is connected to a secret underground facility. Or so the legend goes..." Mario Chase
Present "This is your reward for doing such a good job. As for what's inside... Well, you'll have to wait and see!" Yoshi's Fruit Cart
Robotic Arm "The lab appears to be long abandoned, but these arms are still working hard at assembling something. Running for so long without malfunctioning is quite a feat. I wonder who designed them?" Luigi's Ghost Mansion
Spike "This trap can be levered in and out of the ground. The cart may not be able to feel pain, but stepping on one of these will certainly damage it." Yoshi's Fruit Cart
Strawberry "The name "strawberry" is among the least appealing names known to all fruitkind, and yet it is among the most delicious. It is one of life's tastiest mysteries." Yoshi's Fruit Cart
Suit of Armor "A poltergeist decided to settle down in this ancient set of armor. They say that when the park is closed, it saunters listlessly through the halls..." Luigi's Ghost Mansion
Super Light "When you're in trouble, this high-powered battery will turn up to help you zap apparitions with ease. But why can't they appear before you're in a pinch?" Luigi's Ghost Mansion
Toy Koopa Troopa "I'd say this Koopa Troopa is somewhat on the large side for a toy, but many humans seem to think that bigger is better. They've clearly never run into Bowser on a bad day." Mario Chase
Watermelon "This perfectly succulent and juicy treat hits the spot on a hot summer day. Be sure to leave it on a flat surface, though, or you'll end up with a runaway-watermelon situation." Yoshi's Fruit Cart
Yoshi Cart "A Yoshi Cart is highly versatile--its long tongue can be used to snap up fruit, strike enemies, do some light cleaning and mopping... Needless to say, it's a huge hit here at Nintendo Land." Mario Chase