Suit of armor

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“A suit of armor will shake when human players enter its field of vision. Shine your light at it to make it stop shaking.”
In-game description
Suit of armor
A shaking suit of armor

Suits of armor are objects that appear in Luigi's Ghost Mansion minigame in Nintendo Land. When a ghost tracker gets noticed by one, it starts to visibly shake and produce noises. They can be temporary disabled by shining light at them with a torch. Suits of armor are also mentioned in the description of the fourth stage, the Storage Room, implying that they are haunted.[1]

Prize description[edit]

“A poltergeist decided to settle down in this ancient set of armor. They say that when the park is closed, it saunters listlessly through the halls...”


  1. ^ "Criminy! That suit of armor must be haunted, 'cause it rumbles when it sees people!" - The Storage Room description