Level EX-6

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Level EX-6
Screenshot of Expert level EX-6 from the Nintendo Switch version of Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Level code Level EX-6
World Expert (EX1)
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong (Nintendo Switch)
Time limit 150
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Level EX-6 is the sixth of the Expert levels in the Nintendo Switch remake of Mario vs. Donkey Kong. It is set in Slippery Summit. The level requires 48 gold stars to unlock. The target time for this level's Time Attack is 43.00.


This level focuses on making use of the icy terrain's slippery traction to squeeze the player and the key through small gaps. First, the player must activate the blue Color Switch to get the key, then slide it into a small gap by using the icy terrain. The player must also follow the key into this gap by ducking and sliding, which leads to a red Warp Box and red Color Switch. The player must carry the key into the red Warp Box after activating it, then slide it back to the area where the player first finds the key. Afterwards, the player can duck and slide through the small gap and drop through the inactive blue platform. Afterwards, the player must be careful around the slippery ice at the bottom left as to not fall into spikes, then slide the key through one more gap to allow it to reach the locked door.

Present locations[edit]

  • Red: At the top-right corner of the level, on a blue platform below the red platform and Warp Box.
  • Yellow: In a small gap that the player can slide into, which also leads to a red Color Switch and red Warp Box.
  • Blue: Located on some semisolid icy platforms at the bottom-left portion of the level, over a pit of spikes.