Level 6-1+

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Level 6-1+
Level 6-1+ in Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Level code Level 6-1+
World Twilight City Plus
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Time limit 150
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Level 6-1+ is the first level of Twilight City Plus in Mario vs. Donkey Kong. The high score for this level is 18000.


The player first has to climb a ladder and activate the Mini-Mario, and then climb back down. They then have to navigate through two pairs of lasers, one for the player and the other for the Mini-Mario, and then press the yellow Color Switch at the end of the player's path. Leading the Mini-Mario back through the lasers, it can drop through a new hole and reunite with the player. Moving back through the lasers, the player has to time a jump on a Springboard to get onto an upper platform while avoiding another laser, and then move right to press a blue Color Switch. The player then has to move left and use the Mini-Mario as a platform to reach some ropes above, and then move right so the Mini-Mario uses a Springboard to get up. After returning left and falling back down, the player has to grab the Bin they used as a platform earlier and throw it onto the ledge, then Handstand Jump to get up onto it and grab the Bin. Using the Springboard under the locked door, the player can toss the Bin onto the ledge above, and then do a Handstand Double Jump to get onto the above platform. Tossing the Bin against the wall the Mini-Mario is stuck at will allow it to get over the wall and unlock the door.

Present locations[edit]

  • Red: After the yellow laser. Can only be reached with the Mini-Mario.
  • Yellow: Above the Springboard below the locked door.
  • Blue: Above the Mini-Mario's starting position, which can be reached by doing a Handstand Jump.