Level 8-3+

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Level 8-3+
Screenshot of Twilight City Plus level 8-3+ from the Nintendo Switch version of Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Level code Level 6-3+ (GBA)
Level 8-3+ (Switch)
World Twilight City Plus
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Mario vs. Donkey Kong (Nintendo Switch)
Time limit 150
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Level 8-3+ (Level 6-3+ in the GBA version) is the third level of Twilight City Plus in Mario vs. Donkey Kong and its remake. The high score for this level in the original version is 19500. In the Nintendo Switch remake, the target time for this level's Time Attack is 32.00.


The player will immediately activate the Mini-Mario upon starting the level. To get through this level, the player has to climb between ropes and Robo Kikkis above while the Mini-Mario traverses passageways with Robo Kikkis below. The player has to time their movements with the Robo Kikkis so the Mini-Mario can pass by safely, and they will need to hold Robo Kikkis in place in order to do so. At the end of the level, the player and the Mini-Mario have to use a Springboard to reach the locked door.


Present locations[edit]

  • Red: Above the springboard.
  • Yellow: To the left of the final rope.
  • Blue: To the left of the final rope.