Level 6-6+

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This article is about Level 6-6+ in the Nintendo Switch remake of Mario vs. Donkey Kong. For Level 6-6+ in the Game Boy Advance version, see Level 8-6+.
Level 6-6+
Screenshot of Slippery Summit Plus level 6-6+ from the Nintendo Switch version of Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Level code Level 6-6+
World Slippery Summit Plus
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong (Nintendo Switch)
Time limit 210
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Level 6-6+ is the sixth level of Slippery Summit Plus in the Nintendo Switch version of Mario vs. Donkey Kong. The target time for this level's Time Attack is 24.00.


This level features an obstacle course for the Mini-Mario, with Donut Blocks and icy terrain that makes it challenging. First, the Mini-Mario must be guided across the first two Donut Blocks, then the player must make it to the blue Color Switch before the Mini-Mario slips into a spiked gap. Then, both the player and the Mini-Mario must use the blue Warp Box, then climb down to activate the red Color Switch to help the Mini-Mario reach a set of four Donut Blocks and drop down. Afterwards, the player can press the blue Color Switch, then guide the Mini-Mario to the locked door using the blue Color Block as a foothold.


Present locations[edit]

  • Red: Collected by the Mini-Mario out in the open, located between the first two Donut Blocks.
  • Yellow: Collected by the Mini-Mario at the bottom-right portion of the level, on icy terrain close to a spiked pit. The player must press the red Color Switch to deactivate the blue Color Block barricading the way to this present.
  • Blue: Collected by the Mini-Mario, just above the locked door but also guarded by a red Color Block. The player must be quick to press the blue Color Switch before the Mini-Mario slides to the four Donut Blocks ahead to help it reach this present.