Level 5-1+

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Level 5-1+
A portion of Level 5-1+ from the game Mario vs. Donkey Kong.
Level code Level 5-1+ (GBA)
Level 7-1+ (Switch)
World Mystic Forest Plus
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Time limit 150
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Level 5-1+ is the first level of Mystic Forest Plus in Mario vs. Donkey Kong. The high score for this level is 19000.


The player first has to use a Springboard to reach the Mini-Mario, and then move right against the wall. Using the Mini-Mario as a platform or by doing a Backflip/Handstand Jump, the player has to get over the wall and jump over an incoming Spear Guy. With the Spear Guy over the red platform, the player has to press a blue Color Switch to drop the enemy to the platforms below. Then the player needs to jump down and press the red Color Switch while the Spear Guy is on the blue platform, and the process needs repeated once the Spear Guy is on the red platform to drop it into spikes. The player then needs to use a Springboard to reach a conveyor belt and return to the start, looping back around and reuniting with the Mini-Mario, avoiding the red Color Switch over the Springboard. Using another Springboard, the Mini-Mario can reach an above platform and get over the small wall, and then the player has to lead the Mini-Mario to the blue platform below. By pressing the red Color Switch, the player and Mini-Mario are able to access the locked door.


Present locations[edit]

  • Red: Above the only blue platform in the level.
  • Yellow: At the upper-right side of the level. It can only be reached by Mini-Mario.
  • Blue: At the lower part of the level, next to a Spear Guy.