Level x-6

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Level x-6
Level x-6 in Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Level code Level x-6 (GBA)
Level EX-8 (Switch)
World Expert
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Time limit 180
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Level x-6 is the sixth of the Expert levels in Mario vs. Donkey Kong. It is set in Twilight City. It requires 54 (64 in the remake) high score stars to unlock.


The player first needs to press the Direction Switch to the left and ride the moving platforms up, then use a Bob-omb to destroy the Bob-omb Blocks on the left. After pressing the second Direction Switch, the player needs to move right and use the platforms to cross a gap and press a third Direction Switch and a blue Color Switch. Afterwards, the player needs to return to the Direction Switch near the Bob-omb dispenser and press it. Returning back to the platforms on the looped rail, the player is able to ride them and collect the Key, press a yellow Color Switch, and press a Direction Switch. Tossing the Key up and doing a Backflip to collect it again, the player needs to throw the Key through the platforms on the left and climb down the ladder to recollect it. By riding the looping platforms, the player can reach the locked door.

There is a red Color Switch in the level the player does not need to use.


Present locations[edit]

  • Red: Next to the ladder to the far left.
  • Yellow: Next to a pair ropes on the far right, that can be reached by using a Springboard next to the blue Color Switch.
  • Blue: Near a second set of Bob-omb Blocks on the top right. The yellow Color Switch needs to be active, and there is another one the player can reach by climbing the ropes.