Donkey Kong Plus

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This article is about the world and level in Mario vs. Donkey Kong. For the tech demo that developed into this game, see Mario vs. Donkey Kong § Development.
Donkey Kong Plus
MvsDK DK+.png
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Time limit 300
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Donkey Kong Plus is the stage where Mario faces Donkey Kong for the fourteenth and final time in Mario vs. Donkey Kong. The level begins immediately after the completion of Level 6-DK+.


The level begins with Donkey Kong using a large mech suit to grab six Mini-Marios, three in each hand. Donkey Kong controls the hands and moves them around, and each time one hand or both hands hits the ground and the player is on the ground, Mario will be immobilized briefly. The hands are also capable of squishing Mario if he is under them, defeating him. Debris will also fall from above each time a hand strikes the ground, along with a barrel falling onto the platforms above. Another attack is to press its two fists together, squishing Mario and making him lose a life if he gets caught in the middle. The robot will either do this with its fists against the ground, or hovered slightly above it. If two barrels fall on the two edges of the battlefield, the robot will put one fist in the air and the other lying on the ground. The fist in the air pounds down, the other moving out to squish the barrel. The robot will not do this if Mario is not trying to get the barrels.

To defeat Donkey Kong, the player has to reach the platforms by using the mech suit's hands as platforms to gain enough height. The barrel will fall off screen if the hands slam onto the ground again. The player has to throw the barrel at Donkey Kong's cockpit to damage the suit, releasing one Mini-Mario each time. Donkey Kong's hands will move faster with each hit. Damaging the suit seven times will destroy the mech suit and play the final cutscene, with Mario giving Donkey Kong one of the Mini-Marios as his own, followed by the end credits.