Level x-1

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Level x-1
Level x-1 in Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Level code Level x-1
World Expert
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Time limit 150
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Level x-1 is the first of the Expert levels in Mario vs. Donkey Kong. It is set at Mario Toy Company. It requires nine high score stars to unlock.


The first thing the player needs to do is perform a Handstand Jump to get onto a ledge and then climb down a ladder to press the blue Color Switch. Climbing back up the ladder, the player needs to press a Direction Switch to move a Bin onto conveyor belts above to the ground below, then the player needs to collect it. The player has to press the red Color Switch and place the Bin under the red ladder, using it as a platform to reach the ladder and the Key above. With the Key in hand, the player needs to fall onto a blue Color Switch and throw both the Key and the Bin onto the conveyor to the right and follow them. The player needs to make the conveyor above move to the right if it is not, then toss both items onto the blue platform and perform a Handstand Jump to get up. Carrying the Key and standing on the Bin, the player needs to toss the Key onto the conveyor above and quickly move to press the red Color Switch to the right to make the Key fall onto a red platform. The player next needs to quickly do a Handstand Double Jump off of the Bin to get onto the red platform and pick up the Key before its timer runs out. Jumping and tossing the Key up to the red platform above, the player has to do another Handstand Double Jump to reach the locked door.

Present locations[edit]

All three Presents are in the same location, and the blue Color Switch needs to be active. Once the player collects the Bin, they need to toss it onto the platform with the ladder to their left, and then perform a Handstand Double Jump on it to reach the conveyors above. Moving left, the player can jump at the three Presents and land on a blue platform below. Grabbing the Bin and using the Springboard, the player is able to toss the Bin back onto the conveyor belts above and move it back to where they picked it up first.