Legendary Cheep Cheep

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Legendary Cheep Cheep in Paper Mario: The Origami King
The Legendary Cheep Cheep

The Legendary Cheep Cheep is a Cheep Cheep of massive size, appearing in Paper Mario: The Origami King. It can only be caught while fishing at the pier on Full Moon Island. Its shadow first appears once several other Cheep Cheeps of different sizes have been caught. It totals 400 cm in size, making it the largest one of them all. It is caught in the same way as a regular Cheep Cheep, pecking at the lure a few times before taking a bite, although it requires much more effort to reel in. An ink print in the southwest corner of Musée Champignon displays the largest Cheep Cheep Mario has caught. Due to this being the biggest one available, the ink print permanently depicts the Legendary Cheep Cheep after it is caught. Capturing both this and the Legendary Blooper (who is caught in a similar manner) earns Mario a trophy - the "Fish Finder".

Although the Legendary Cheep Cheep can only really be caught while on Full Moon Island, there are a couple of other Cheep Cheeps like this who appear in the game. Mario can catch a Cheep Cheep of up to 300 cm fishing in Shogun Studios, and earn a good amount of coins for doing so. Occasionally, when Mario catches a Cheep Cheep like this, it reveals itself to be a Ninji and runs off. In this case, catching the fish does not count.

Additionally, the Koopa Troopa next to the pier in Overlook Mountain tells Mario of a fish who has eluded him several times, whom he personally nicknamed "Monster", most likely referring to this type of fish. Mario can catch a Cheep Cheep of up to 250 cm here.