Listening World

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Listening World
Listening World.png
First appearance Mario's Early Years! Preschool Fun (1994)

Listening World is a location in Mario's Early Years! Preschool Fun. It is one of the six islands in the game and is represented by a mooing cow.

In this world, the player is presented with three different barnyard animals (Cats, dogs and frogs are also included) and a sound bite of an animal call. The player then must match the call with the animal. After the player selects the correct answer, a character pops up to encourage them, then after five correct answers, the player goes back to the island select screen via a pipe.

The area is set on a stereotypical livestock farm, with hay acting as the platforms.

Three more areas are in the MS-DOS versions of the game. They are based off a beach, appliances at home, and musical instruments respectively.