Number World

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Number World
Mario in a hotel. Not the one you're thinking of, though.
First appearance Mario's Early Years! Fun with Numbers (1994)

Number World is a location in Mario's Early Years! Fun with Numbers. It is one of the seven islands in the game and is represented by a set of numbers going from 0-3.

In this world, the player has to select the number indicated. The first level involves selecting the number above hotel rooms which get transferred down to a conveyer belt. The second level involves choosing house numbers to fill up a mailbox. The third involves a grocer where the player has to fill a TV screen. After the player selects the correct answer, a character pops up to encourage them, then after five correct answers, they move on to the next room via a pipe.

The first area is the inside of a two story-hotel. The second area is a neighborhood with four houses and some trees. The final area is a generic supermarket checkout; the player exits through a blue pipe in this room.