Time World

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Time World
Time World from Mario's Early Years! CD-ROM Collection
First appearance Mario's Early Years! CD-ROM Collection (1995)
Time World icon from Mario's Early Years! Preschool Fun

Time World is a location exclusive to the Mario's Early Years! CD-ROM Collection version of Mario's Early Years! Preschool Fun portion. The island is represented by an hourglass, sun, and moon, though this world has four sub-levels, teaching different subjects related to time events. All four of the areas have no player involvement; the player watches through mini cutscenes, narrated by children. The area represented by trees teaches the changing seasons, starting from spring, and going through summer, fall, and winter before eventually looping back. The area represented by the butterflies and caterpillars teaches the life cycle, showing humans age, plants grow into a pumpkin, and caterpillars and tadpoles turning into butterflies and frogs respectively. In the area represented by a calendar, Mario shows the seven days of the week and the twelve months of the year. Finally, the area represented by the hourglass, sun, and moon teaches the day and night cycle, as well as the daily routine for a young child, showing them getting up, going through the morning routine, going to school, and then going to sleep at night.

In the calendar portion, Mario's graphics are taken from the MS-DOS version of Mario is Missing.