Egg Launch Land

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Egg Launch Land
Game Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge
Level(s) 4
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Egg Launch Land is Mini Yoshi's world and the third overall world in Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge. The main mechanic featured in this world are Egg Launchers, catapults that launch Mini Yoshi in large Yoshi Egg-like capsules. These bounce across walls and ceilings a few times before breaking and letting go of the Mini Yoshi in a new area. There are also many enemies featured in this world, allowing Mini Yoshi to demonstrate his special ability to eat enemies. There is one main level that takes place before this world, Level 4.

The music featured in this world is an arrangement of the main theme from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and the world appears to take place in an area inspired by the levels from Yoshi's Woolly World.


Level Preview Description Enemies and obstacles
Yoshi 1 Yoshi1 amiiboChallenge.png This level introduces the Yoshi Egg objects and has some Warp Pipes and Red Girders. Spikes, Fire Piranha Plants
Yoshi 2 Yoshi2 amiiboChallenge.png This level features some Rock Blocks, Warp Pipes, and Red Girders. Fire Piranha Plants, Shy Guys
Yoshi 3 Yoshi3 amiiboChallenge.png This level has some more Red Girders, Yoshi Eggs, and Warp Pipes. Fire Piranha Plants
Yoshi 4 Yoshi4 amiiboChallenge.png This level features more Red Girders, Warp Pipes, and many Rock Blocks. Fire Piranha Plants


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エッグランチャーバレー
Eggu Ranchā Barē
Egg Launcher Valley

Italian Uovolandia
Spanish Tierra Ovípara
Oviparous Land