Gravity Galaxy

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Gravity Galaxy
Gravity Galaxy from Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge.
Game Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge
Level(s) 4
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Gravity Galaxy is the tenth and penultimate world in Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge. It is unlocked by entering the amiibo Door in Level 11 as Mini Rosalina. Only Mini Rosalina can enter this world and traverse its levels.

Throughout Gravity Galaxy, the player encounters many high walls where Mini Rosalina can showcase her Lunar Launch, an ability that allows her to jump exceptionally high. Also found in large amounts are Gravity Wells, which, when tapped on, produce strong gravitational fields that attract Mini Rosalina into them. This is helpful in cases where the character has to be saved from a long fall, or where she has to pass gaps.

Gravity Galaxy is themed around Super Mario Galaxy, featuring many elements from that game: apart from Pull Stars that affect gameplay, Rosalina's Comet Observatory can be seen in the background, floating in space among other celestial bodies. The soundtrack of this world is an arrangement of the Comet Observatory theme from Super Mario Galaxy.


Level Preview Description Enemies and obstacles encountered
Rosalina 1 Rosalina1 amiiboChallenge.png This level introduces the Gravity Wells. None
Rosalina 2 Rosalina2 amiiboChallenge.png This level contains more Gravity Wells, including some moving ones. None
Rosalina 3 Rosalina3 amiiboChallenge.png This level contains more Gravity Wells and some Movable Pipes. Spikes
Rosalina 4 Rosalina4 amiiboChallenge.png This level contains more Movable Pipes and some Yellow Springs. None


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese グラビティギャラクシー
Gurabiti Gyarakushī
Gravity Galaxy

Italian Galassia gravitazionale
Gravitational galaxy