Mine Cart Cove

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Not to be confused with Mine-Cart Cave.
Mine Cart Cove
Game Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge
Level(s) 4
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Mine Cart Cove is Mini Diddy Kong's world and the second overall world in Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge. The world takes influence from the minecart levels of the Donkey Kong Country series, in that its main gimmick is the Mine Cart, which is used to travel quickly from one point to another, as well as break through walls of fragile rocks. The player can customize the path of a Mine Cart just as for Minis during usual gameplay. Additionally, many cliffs positioned one above the other are spread throughout the area, allowing Mini Diddy Kong to showcase the Ledge Grab, its unique ability. With Mine Cart Cove, Circus Kongs make their first appearance in the game. One main level takes place before this world, Level 3.

Mine Cart Cove is located in a rock-secluded area with dense palm vegetation and streams of water. A few dandelions that grow on Donkey Kong Island are also seen in the background. The soundtrack that plays in this world is an arrangement of the Bonus Area theme from Donkey Kong Country.


Level Preview Description Enemies and obstacles encountered
Diddy Kong 1 DiddyKong1 amiiboChallenge.png This level introduces the minecarts and has some Red Girders. Spikes
Diddy Kong 2 DiddyKong2 amiiboChallenge.png This level features rocks, Red Girders, and more minecarts. None
Diddy Kong 3 DiddyKong3 amiiboChallenge.png This level introduces the Circus Kongs and features more minecarts, Red Girders, and Warp Pipes. Circus Kongs
Diddy Kong 4 DiddyKong4 amiiboChallenge.png This level introduces Shy Guys and has more minecarts, Red Girders, rocks, and Warp Pipes. Shy Guys


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マインカートベイ
Main Kāto Bei
Mine Cart Bay
Italian Corsa in vagoncino Minecart ride