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A Brier

Briers[1] are floating creatures that are covered in spikes. They only appear in Yoshi Touch & Go. Briers are common enemies in this game, and they are in almost every level. They are extremely strong and shooting eggs is the only way to defeat them. Briers continually pulse their thorns in and out; hitting them while their thorns are retracted will allow the egg used to go through them while hitting them while their thorns are extended will destroy both the egg and the Brier in one hit. There are two varieties of Brier: the normal, green variety and the stronger, red variety; the only difference between these varieties is that they each pulse their thorns at opposite intervals. Additionally, there is a variant called a Marucchi that can be encased in a bubble.

In Balloon Trip, the tech demo Yoshi Touch & Go was largely based on, the design and palette of Briers seemed to indicate that they were actually the Urchins of Super Mario World. These Urchin-like Briers were only seen in one standard variety. Super Smash Bros. Brawl features a Brier sticker.

Sticker information[edit]

Image Game Effect
Brier Sticker.png Yoshi Touch & Go Launch Resistance +7

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トゲッチ[2]
From toge (spike)
Italian Verdespino From verde (green) and spina (spike)


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