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Brier YTnG artwork.jpg
First appearance Yoshi Touch & Go (2005)
Variant of Brier
Pokey (projectile)

Marucchi are enemies in Yoshi Touch & Go. They are a miniature type of Brier with thin, short spikes that can be encased in bubbles, unlike their larger relatives.


  • Shogakukan guide: その場を動かないのはトゲッチと同じだが、卜ゲがないのでシャボンで包める。空のコースでは寅重な得点源。どんどん囲んで、べビィマリオにシャボンを投げてやろう。[1] (It is the same as Brier in that it does not move in place, but it can be wrapped in bubbles because it does not have spikes. On an empty course, they are an important source of points. Let's surround them and throw bubbles at Baby Mario.)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マルッチ[1]
From「丸」(maru, round) and「トゲッチ」(Togecchi, Brier)


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