Miner Setbacks

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Miner Setbacks
Miner Setbacks from Super Mario Party
Appears in Super Mario Party
Type Co-op minigame
Time limit 45 seconds
Music track No Hurry

Miner Setbacks is a Co-op minigame appearing in Super Mario Party. Its name is a pun on the term "minor setbacks" and the word "miner."


The camera pans from right to left to show the layout of the mine. At the left, the players all hold a side of a cart full of crystals. Some Spikes nearby are seen mining crystals. The minigame then starts.


The minigame is set in a cave. Each player holds one edge of a cart full of crystals, and all players must work together to move the cart to the goal while avoiding Piranha Plants coming out of Warp Pipes that stun the players for a few moments. The minigame ends once the players reach the goal or if time runs out, the latter resulting in a C-Rank.

Rank requirements[edit]

  • 25 seconds or less for S
  • 35 seconds or less for A
  • 45 seconds or less for B


  • Control Stick – Move

In-game text[edit]

  • Carry the cart to the finish line!
  • Watch out for Piranha Plants!

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 運んでクリスタル
Hakonde kurisutaru
Carry the Crystals

Chinese 搬运水晶 (Simplified)
搬運水晶 (Traditional)
Bānyùn Shuǐjīng
Carry the Crystals

Dutch Zigzagmijn
Zigzag Mine
French Transport périlleux
Perilous trip
German Schmucksteinschlepper
Gemstone Carrier
Italian Cristalli da asporto
Takeaway crystals
Korean 크리스털을 옮겨라
Keuristeoreul omgyeora
Move the Crystals

Spanish (NOA) Cristales en bandeja
Crystals in tray
Spanish (NOE) Minería de riesgo
Risk Mining