Can Take Pancake

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Can Take Pancake
CanTakePancake SuperMarioParty.png
Appears in Super Mario Party
Type 4-Player minigame
Music track Pleasantly Happy

Can Take Pancake is a 4-Player minigame appearing in Super Mario Party.


All of the players are seated by a table, excited about the pancakes. Toadette walks in the background, carrying maple syrup to two Toads seated nearby. The camera then zooms in to show the pancakes.


Players must grab pancakes from a plate. Regular pancakes are worth one point, while pancakes with a star icon are worth three points. Additionally, only fully exposed pancakes can be grabbed by players. The game ends once all of the pancakes are grabbed, and the player with the most points wins.


Winning players stand up and perform their victory poses, while Toadette and the Toads clap for them. The losing players are still seated, although they are excited and do not do their losing animations.


  • Control Stick – Move cursor
  • Single Joy-Con Right Button – Grab

In-game text[edit]

  • Grab the pancakes!
  • You can only grab a pancake if it's completely uncovered.
  • Pancakes with the ★ mark are worth three points!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おいしいパンケーキ
Oishii pankēki
Delicious Pancakes
Chinese (Simplified) 美味美式松饼
Měiwèi Měishì Sōngbǐng
Delicious Pancakes
Chinese (Traditional) 美味美式鬆餅
Měiwèi Měishì Sōngbǐng
Delicious Pancakes
Dutch Koekenpakker Portmanteau of “koekenbakker” (“bungler”, literally: “cake baker”) and pakker (“grabber”)
French Premier servi First served
German Pfannkuchenpyramide Pancake Pyramid
Italian Frittelle per tutti Pancakes for Everyone
Korean 맛있는 팬케이크
Masinneun paenkeikeu
Delicious Pancakes
Spanish (NOA) ¿Qué panqueque? What pancake?
Spanish (NOE) Apilatortas Pancake-stacker (Apila is stack and tortas is pancake)


  • If no players took any pancakes before the time ran out, they will do their sad poses, but the victory music will still play and the announcer will say, "Winners!" as if more than one player won, with the "<players' names> Win!" text appearing onscreen. This is the only minigame in which this happens.
    • However, this error does not occur when the language is set to either Russian or Dutch; instead, the draw music plays and the announcer says, "It's a tie!" as per usual.