Clearing the Table

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Clearing the Table
Clearing the Table
Appears in Super Mario Party
Type Rhythm minigame
Music track Clearing the Table

Clearing the Table is a Rhythm minigame in Super Mario Party. It is based on a popular party trick, and its name is a play on the phrase for removing items from a table after a meal.


Players have to remove tablecloths with champagne glasses or Thwomps on them to the beat of a swing theme. Removing the tablecloth in a way that makes the glasses or Thwomps fall earns the player no points. Removing it early or late in a way that makes the glasses or Thwomps move but stay on the table earns the player one point. Removing the tablecloth perfectly so that the glasses or Thwomps do not move at all (indicated by "Nice!") earns the player three points. Whoever earns the most points wins.

The perfect score is 27 on Normal difficulty and 39 on Hard difficulty.

In-game text[edit]

Sound Stage[edit]

  • Pull the tablecloth!


  • Pull the tablecloth to the rhythm!
  • The timing goes 4-3-2-1 pull!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ひっぱれテーブルクロス
Hippare tēburukurosu
Pull it out, Tablecloth

Chinese 抽抽桌巾
Chōuchōu Zhuōjīn
Pull the Tablecloth out

Dutch Afgeruimd staat netjes
Undecked is tidy. From an expression meaning neat and tidy.
French Prestidigitation rythmée
Rhythmic conjuring
German Der raffinierte Ruck
The refined jolt
Italian Sfila-tovaglie
Tablecloth parade
Korean 테이블보를 당겨라
Teibeulboreul danggyeora
Pull the Tablecloth

Spanish Cuarteto de mantelería
Table Linens Quartet