Tall Order

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Tall Order
TallOrder SuperMarioParty.png
Appears in Super Mario Party
Type 2-vs.-2 minigame
Time limit 30 seconds
Initial record 14.00 m
Music Iced Out

Tall Order is a 2-vs.-2 minigame appearing in Super Mario Party. Its name comes from the phrase "tall order," meaning a task that is difficult to complete.


The minigame is set in an area similar to Frosted Glacier. Teams must shave ice as fast as possible by moving their Joy-Cons in circles in order to create a sculpture taller than that of the opposing team's, pouring the ice into a bowl moved back and forth by some penguins below. Each player has a limited amount of ice to shave. After 30 seconds pass or if both teams run out of ice, the team with the taller structure wins.


  • Joy-Con (L) / Joy-Con (R) (horizontal) – Shave ice

In-game description[edit]

  • The tallest sculpture wins!
  • Shave as fast as you can while the bowl is beneath you!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カキ氷タワー
Kakigōri tawā
Shaved Ice Tower
Chinese 刨冰塔
Páobīng Tǎ
Shaved Ice Tower
Dutch IJzige hooten Icy heights
French Sommets glacés Frozen summits
German In eisigen Höhen Icy heights
Italian Impilaneve Snow Stack
Korean 빙수 타워
Bingsu tawo
Shaved Ice Tower
Spanish (NOA) Esculpiendo la victoria Sculpting victory
Spanish (NOE) Hielo escultórico Sculptural Ice