Sign, Steal, Deliver

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Sign, Steal, Deliver
Appears in Super Mario Party
Type 1 vs. 3 minigame
Time limit 1 minute
Music Fancy Pop

Sign, Steal, Deliver is a 1 vs. 3 minigame appearing in Super Mario Party. The name is a play on the phrase "Sign, seal, and deliver".


The minigame is set in an apartment complex. Several Toads pop out of doors to make packages appear. Both the solo player and the team players have one minute to take the packages to delivery trucks on either side with one Spike each in the respective cargo bays; the solo player must drop off the packages on the left truck, while the team players must do so on the right. While the solo player uses a drone which they can use to pick up packages, even from rivals, the rivals themselves must carry up to two packages by foot while evading the drone the solo player uses. After time is up, the group with the most packages dropped off wins.


Solo players[edit]

  • Control Stick – Move Drone
  • Single Joy-Con Right Button – Take/Place Package

Team players[edit]

  • Control Stick – Move

In-game description[edit]

  • "Deliver as many packages as you can!"
  • "The team side can each carry up to two packages at a time. The solo player can use the drone to steal packages from rivals."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 急いで荷物集め
Isoide nimotsu atsume
Quick Package Collecting
Spanish Paquetería urgente Urgent shipment
French Colis express Express parcels
Dutch Gepakt en gezakt Packed and fallen
German Packendes Duell Packing Duel
Italian Ritiro pacchi Package collection
Korean 택배 쟁탈전
Taekbae Jaengtaljeon
Package Scramble