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The Star Sages are a group of major characters during the events of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. Their sole purpose is to watch over the Star Cure, and later give it to Mario and Luigi when in dire need to make the Miracle Cure. The three characters hold the three Star Cures, respectively.

Star Sages[edit]


Wisdurm's butterfly form from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.

The first Star Sage is Wisdurm, the inhabitant of Dimble Wood. However, as a result of Bowser eating the Giga-carrot during their first trip to Dimble Wood, Wisdurm enters Bowser's body as Durmite, causing havoc. After defeating Durmite, it disappears further into Bowser's Body. Wisdurm is found once again after Dr. Toadley tells Mario and Luigi that it is the first Star Sage. After a chase, it passes under the barrier in the Energy Hold, which becomes accessible through the use of the Boo-ray Machine in Tower of Yikk. Through a long and tedious chase, the bros. corner Wisdurm, who agrees to give the cure over if they beat it in battle. With the bros. victorious, they earn the first Star Cure, and a chance to see Wisdurm's true form.



The second Star Sage is Kuzzle, an old Koopa on Plack Beach. However, prior to the game, Bowser had stolen the Star Cure from Kuzzle, and hid it in his castle's hidden vault. Kuzzle was upset by letting it fall into the wrong hands, but once he sees it in the possession of the Mario Bros., he is glad that they retrieved it. He is the only Star Sage that does not need to be visited to earn a Star Cure. He is also the only Star Sage that cannot be fought.


Chakron from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.

The third and final Star Sage is Chakron, owner of the Chakroad, who lives high above Plack Beach. When Mario and Luigi arrive, he reveals that he would give the final Star Cure to them. However, he has been in his tranquil pose for thousands of years, absorbing knowledge from space. He promises to give the bros. the Star Cure if they can figure out how to budge his form. Once the bros. find their eighth Special Attack known as Snack Basket, they are able to knock over Chakron and earn the final Star Cure. They also help him into a new pose that allows him to receive knowledge from the earth.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 賢者
Italian I Tre Saggi The Three Sages
Spanish (NOA) Sabio Sage